Medical Translations

Medical Reports, Medical Opinions, Hospitalization Summaries, Patient Files,
 Accreditations (FMS, JCI, and More)

תרגום רפואי

Technical Translations

User Manuals, Technical Books, Patent Files and Documents, Technical Certificates, and Reviews

תרגום טכני

Legal Translations

Contracts, Agreements, Court Verdicts, Legal Opinions, Testimonies, and General Legal Documents

תרגום משפטי


Professional Transcription for Telephone Calls, Covert Monitoring and Recording, Meetings, Speeches, and Video Clips

תרגום עוקב

Technical Writing

Technical Writing and Marketing for High-Tech, Low-Tech, Consumer Products, and Businesses

כתיבה טכנית

Simultaneous Translations

Simultaneous Translations for Court Hearings, Business Meetings, Telephone Calls, and International VIP visits