Translation Services

Olympus Translations clients are guaranteed specially-matched solutions for all translation needs.  Whether you need translation into multiple languages, or specific fields of expertise, we will find the translator suited to your project.  Translate your certificates, personal documents, articles, marketing and promotional materials, scripts and clips, technical books, non-fiction and literature, and more. 

For every word written, Olympus Translations will find the best target language translator!

  • Employs highly experienced translators with medical knowledge and experience in medical translation.
  • Translates medical reports, medical opinions, hospitalization summaries, and patient files. We can also translate texts pertaining to medical equipment and devices, as well as medical logistics.
  • Works within the frameworks of several accreditation – JCI,  FMS
  • Coordinates translations with visits to international medical staff and incoming medical tourism in Israel.
  • Uses medical terminologies familiar to specialists in Israel and abroad.
  • Offers fast turnaround under pressure, based on client needs.
  • Employs highly experienced translators with legal expertise and experience in legal translation.
  • Translates your contracts, agreements, court verdicts, legal opinions, testimonies, and general legal documents.
  • Offers full notarization where relevant and/or translator declaration.
  • Handles large-scale projects with fast turnaround times according to client needs.
  • Offers simultaneous translations for court hearings and legal meetings in a range of languages.
  • We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement with clients for all sensitive and classified materials.
  • Employs translators with the appropriate technical background and proven experience in technical translations from a wide range of fields.
  • Translates user manuals, technical books, patent files and documents, technical certificates, and reviews.
  • Employs terminologies adapted to the target language after consulting with client’s needs and appropriate professionals.
  • Checks the ongoing translation process as needed by the client.
  • Maintains your project’s confidentiality at all times.
  • Holds familiarity and fluency in high-tech, engineering, electronics, consumer goods, resource management, and the technical aspects of business management.