Language Services

Olympus Translations provides its clients with the language services needed to enhance and support their needs.  These services are coordinated separately and employ professionals in the field.

  • Olympus Translations provides simultaneous translation for court hearings, business meetings, telephone calls, and international VIP visits.
  • Olympus Translations employs the services of top professionals in a wide range of languages, professional spheres, and throughout the whole of Israel.
  • Pricing by either hour or day of work.
  • Translator preparation prior to court appearance or meeting.
  • High level of availability on short notice.
  • Professional transcription for telephone calls, covert monitoring and recording, meetings, speeches, and video clips.
  • Professional opinion on transcription fidelity for use as testimony in court.
  • Technical conversion of audio and video files in preparation for transcription – at no extra cost.
  • Audio translation into other languages and written transcription into target language.
  • Large scale transcription projects with short turnaround time based on client needs.
  • Confidentiality assurance at all times, particularly in relation to sensitive materials for covert monitoring.
  • Employs technical writers working either in your company or as freelancers for time frames defined by the client.
  • Specializes in technical writing or Marcom for high-tech, low-tech, consumer products and businesses.
  • Cooperates with clients in choosing the technical writer for your project. We also provide full backup throughout the project.
  • Selects technical writers based on client requirements. During this process, we will present several candidates for interviewing.
  • Confidentiality assured by Olympus Translations and the technical writer.